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About BCRC

During the last 15years,Business Correspondents have played a major role in Financial Inclusion space to cover the uncovered ,reach the unreached and secure the unsecured people on their own under the aegis of various Banks. They have driven FI initiatives of Govt of India to cover the marginalized and vulnerable section of people under social net.

Specially after launch of PMJDY and social security schemes in 2014,the channel has risen to the occasion and grown leaps and bounds and taken its roots deep to stand as a robust alternate model in the financial map of India. BC model has the potential to be very successful nevertheless much still to be done to validate its inclusion in the financial sector.

The model has passed the initial stages of adoption and future efforts would need to concentrate on instituting changes at the policy level if the channel was to be made viable and sustainable.

As BCs face various operational issues(in cash management, cash handling,reconciliation of failed transactions, frauds and misappropriation), viability issue( inoperative CSPs,managing zero balance and inoperative accounts,income of CSPs, initial investment to establish CSPs) and regulatory concerns, in the context of various Banks having different systems and procedures, compliance norms, payment structure, it is felt necessary to have a Resource Centre for BCs to advise, suggest, innovate, Strategy, hand hold BCs/ CSPs on various regulatory guidelines, analysis of business data, expert advice, work flow, suggestions and updates.

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Our Mission

  • To work as a support centre for the BCs so as to easily touch the FI customers through easy reach,customers education and social security nets
  • To arrange training program for various officials of BCs and other agencies involved with FI activities and formulate training manual/ inputs,research papers as part of capacity building of BCs/ CSPs and others
  • To be an innovation centre to further the cause of FI customers and BCs in the context of various savings and social security schemes,digitalization and micro credit
  • To collaborate with stakeholders to achieve our goal ,of enabling the left out or poorly or inadequately served by the financial sector through better financial reach,products and technology
  • To collaborate or suggest or develop models for the organisations or institutions for promotion and deepening of micro credit and other schemes under Financial Inclusion and SME sector

Our Vision

  • To be a dedicated resource centre committed for strengthening BC channel through various suggestions, strategies ,training and research.
  • To provide guidance on various FI initiatives and suggest for deep penetration of the channel with viability and sustainability on clear focus.
  • To undertake any study or suggest any model to drive various FI and digital initiatives of Govt of India and State Govts.

Our Core Values

Our core values are the principles that guide us in helping the unprivileged and vulnerable section of people to achieve financial literacy and prosperity. We strive to make Business Correspondents as financial services leaders and trusted channel that is differentiated by personalised service and innovative ideas to pursue and achieve their goals
A)Worthy of trust and care:We care the people and keep our promises
B)Respect: We are inclusive and collaborative. We will contribute to grow further in the FI field
C)Winning with passion:We are passionate to suceed through participation,collaboration and innovation

Latest Events

Training Program For CSPs Of Himachal Pradesh : Capacity Building For CSPs

A training program was arranged for CSPs of Himachal  Pradesh on 28th August,21.The program was inaugurated by Shri Jitendra Srivastava,ex GM  of NHPC and Administrative director of IIM,Sirmou,HP.In his inaugural address,he mentioned about various achievements the country have in Financial Inclusion space and how the BCs have spearheaded the cause,to reach to the poor people through CSPs and provided services during critical time.He thanked BC management  for the excellent  services provided by them during Covid Pandemic 19.

Dr Varuna Luthra,Director ,Internationa relations,KIIT,Bhubaneswar  gave valedictory address.He thanked BCs and BCRC for organising such program free of cost for CSPs of Himachal Pradesh.

Training Program For Officials Of National BCs

On 14th August,21,a training  program was organized through webinar,for the officials of  BCs,constituting mainly State Heads, District Heads and officials who have joined newly.

The program was inaugurated  by Shri P Panigrahi,retd GM, of a public sector Bank  and an  expert on Financail Inclusion and BC operations.In his inaugural address,he explained in details about duties and responsibilities of BCs in the context of mobilization of deposit,remittance, compliance and risk mitigation issues and inspection and supervision of customer service points.His deliberation was practical,insightful and inspiring.

Mr H S Patra,editor of Entrepreneur  Times and a noted journalist based at Delhi,gave the valedictory address and thanked BCRC for conducting  of such program  for BC fraternity at regular interval.He dwelt upon various issues which can be addressed in next level of financial  inclusion.

Training program was conducted for officials of national BC, ZMPL (Zero Mass)

On 31st July,21,a training program was conducted for officials of national BC, ZMPL (Zero Mass). They are the largest BC in the country. Their State Heads, District nodal officers, total no of 105 officials, participated in the program.

The program was inaugurated by ex ED of RBI, Mrs. Surekha Marandi,who is one of the noted experts in the country on FI and BC operations. During her address she spoke at length on FI policy , RBI guidelines on BCs , operation areas,activities and various products in BC channel.In the last decade,BCs have proved themselves and done excellent job to reach to the vulnerable  and low income group of people by providing various facilities in rural,difficult and other inaccessible areas where there  are no bank branches.She requested BCs to give importance  on registration, certification  and capacity building of their Officials and CSPs .She lauded the effort of BCRC for providing  training to 839 officials throughout the country.

Dr Naveen Kumar,Associate Professor,NIBM,Pune gave his valedictory address.He mentioned that capacity building of BC officials,CSPs and financial literacy of FI customers is important to drive various digital initiatives and social security schemes to cover poor and low-income groups.He thanked the BCs and CSPs as they have done an excellent job during the Covid Pandemic to reach to the people and render services.He conveyed his thanks to BCRC for conducting such a program on regular basis.

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P2P MicroFinance & Allied Services



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  • Save Solutions Pvt Ltd.
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  • Vedavaag Systems Ltd.
  • Sanjivani vikas foundation
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Customer Service Point

Customer Service Point situated at hillock in Himachal Pradesh

August 10 2018

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Village ladies waiting to draw Govt payments ,maintaining social distancing in Rajastan

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